TYPE: UX / App

ART DIRECTOR:  Courtney Spencer

Nintinder is an app created for fellow gamers to meet like-minded individuals and discuss what they love: games! The app was a collaborative initiate in which some fellow classmates and I came up with the user interface and wireframes. The UI kit design however was all made individually. For my design, I decided to go for and retro video game feel, looking at old arcade game fonts and pixelated illustration. The actual use of the app mimics the feeling of playing a video game on a platformer like a Gameboy or DS, with a D-pad and a and b buttons. The main function of the app is the chat and friending feature but also includes forums, a personal bio where you can list your favorite games, and links to gamer profiles on various consoles. Once users plug in their information the app will generate a list of compatible matches based on their likes, much like Tinder, where the app is parodied from. The app also features a promotional website with testimonies and a breakdown of what it all does.

Nintinder website.jpg