ART DIRECTOR: Keith Somers

Mukashi is elegant multipage website that uses the four seasons to introduce and explain some of Japan’s spiritual beings, or “yokai”. Many yokai have a strong connection with a specific season, which is where the idea for the website came into fruition. Because what we know about Japanese spirits is passed down from folklore, the name of the site comes from the word “mukashi”, which can mean older days or once upon a time. Each season features three spirits and each spirit contains a brief introduction, overview, historical background, gallery, and affiliated quote. The website contains my own hand-drawn illustrations in combination with existing traditional Japanese art. Most existing sites depicting Japanese spirits are dark and brooding because of their association with misfortune and terror. However, many spirits are peaceful or even neutral. Therefore, for my site Mukashi, I decided to go with simplistic, but brighter and more approachable design.